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Take Up Bearing Units:

1) Standard duty: UCT2,NAT2,UET2,UKT2+H,UCST2 /   Medium duty:UCTX  /  Heavy duty:UCT3.

2) Housing made of high-grade cast iron.

3) Insert bearing made of AISI52100 steel,heat treated,precision ground,raceway super-finished.

4) Relubricatable unit with anti-rotation pin.

5) Zerk fitting made of Zinc plated mild steel.

6) Standard seal:TJ, J or H style; Triple lip seal(R3 or L3) and other options T1,F are available upon request.

7) Wider inner ring: UC,UE,NA(HC),UK

8) Locking method: Setscrew locking-UC,UCX; Eccentric collar locking-NA(HC); Concentric collar locking-UE;  Adapter sleeve locking-UK+H

9) Metal End caps are applicable for some types of housings. Add prefix "SM" for closed and "S" for open caps.Ordering example: UCT205+SM. SM205 for closed end cap and S205 for open cap.

A standard housing is without cap groove. Upon request,housing could be machined cap groove. Add suffix "M" as ordering designation. Example T205 M

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