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LDK's Silver Series Bearing Units have a particularly small and lightweight design. It's designed for cost-energy-space saving machines!

Main Features:  compact & Lightweight / easy and quick to mount / high sealing efficiency / high Anti-Corrosiveness (Stainless Series) / high speed operation / bearings are efficiently sealed.For additional protection against dust and humidity,units can be fitted with black oxided metal or stainless steel end caps.

Material Spec:

-Housing: Die-Cast Zinc alloy or 304 stainless steel.

-Insert bearing: AISI 52100 steel or 440 stainless steel.

-Grease: Lithium based industry grease for Silver Series, and H1/NSF registered food grade grease for Stainless Steel Silver Series.

-End caps: Black oxided metal or stainless steel 304. Close and open style available.

-Locking method: Setscrew locking or Eccentric collar locking.

-Bore size range: 10mm to 30mm. 

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