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Rod ends for hydraulic cylinder is made up of a rod end and a radial spherical plain bearing which is fixed in housing by snap rings. There are two kinds of rod end: rod end with welding shank and rod end with locking slot. The material of rod end with welding shank is weldable steel. The rod end shank has two kinds of shape, one is prismatic and another is cylindrical. At the bottom of the cylindrical shank, there is elastic pin which is easy for location. Normally, the material of rod end with locking slot is carbon steel or spheroidal graphite cast iron. The thread of the rod end body is female and equipped with screw for fastening. The hydraulic rod ends can be re-lubricated by oil cup or through the hole of the rod end body. Rod ends for hydraulic components(steel to steel) have good wear resistance. Normally, hydraulic rod ends needs periodic re-lubrication. The high strength of the sliding surface makes these bearings especially suitable for bearing arrangements where heavy loads of alternating direction, or heavy static loads have to be accommodated.

Style includes:SK..E & SK..ES /SF..ES /SIR..ES /SIGEW..ES /SIQ..ES /

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