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Disk Harrow Bearings

You’re in the right place for Disk Harrow Bearings.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on LDK Bearings.we guarantee that it’s here on LDK Bearings.
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  • High strength Disk Harrow Units bearing factory LDK bearing
    High strength Disk Harrow Units bearing factory LDK bearing
    209/211/491 Disk Harrow UnitsThis unit incorporates a triple lips sealed bearing mounted in two stampings. Available in two basic size groups, one incorporating a 209 and the other a 211 bearing. Both size groups offer these features:> Dynamic alignment capability (±3°)> Shroud effect from close clearance of stamping to inner ring.> Relubrication> One unit piece for ease of handling and assembly> Fitting flange mates with outer ring milled recess, preventing possibility of outerring circumferential movement.Phone:   +86-592-580 8851 / +86-592-580 7618Email:     sales@ldk-bearing.com ; benjamin@ldk-bearings.com
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