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Solid Grease Bearings

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  • Customized Solid Grease Bearings LDK bearings
    Customized Solid Grease Bearings LDK bearings
    Solid Lube bearings are lubricated with oil-impregnated solid material, which is contained within the bearing. Oil slowly seeping from this solid lubricant material provides ample lubrication to the bearing for extended periods. Features & benefits of Solid Lube LDK bearings with Solid Lube are designed for use in application where high levels of moisture and incidental contact with water and other contaminants are real issues. These bearings are also an excellent choice for applications where re-lubrication is impractical or dangerous.Long service life / Extended lubricant life / Resists washout / Virtually eliminates lubricant leakage / Protects against the ingress of contaminantsPhone:   +86-592-580 8851 / +86-592-580 7618Email:     sales@ldk-bearing.com ; benjamin@ldk-bearings.com
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