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Zinc Alloy Miniature Bearing K000 U000-Deyuan Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd

U00 Seriers

d (mm)
Dimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating kgfWeight
DBcSB1B2d1rGdsDynamic CrStatic Cor
U 0001026118417.58.5170.73.5M4X0.74.61.960.03
U 0011228118417.58.5190.73.5M4X0.
U 00215321294.518.58.5220.73.5M4X0.75.582.840.05
U 003173513.510520.59.5250.83.5M4X0.75.973.280.07
U 004204216.512624.511301.33.8M5X0.89.355.040.11
U 005254717.512625.512361.34M5X0.810.095.830.15
U 006305518.5136.526.512421.54M5X0.813.238.280.21

Zinc Alloy Miniature Bearing K000 U000-Deyuan Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd

K00 Seriers

d( mm)
Dimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating kgfWeight (kg)
DBCSrGdsDynamic CrStatic Cor
K 000102614840.73M3X0.354.61.960.03
K 001122814.5840.73M3X0.355.092.40.04
K 002153216.594.50.73.5M4X0.55.582.840.05
K 003173517.51050.83.5M4X0.55.973.280.07
K 0042042211261.34M5X0.59.355.040.11
K 005254722.51261.34.5M5X0.510.095.830.15
K 006305524.5136.51.55M5X0.513.238.280.21


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They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.

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