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Zerk fittings & Setscrew



The grease fittings supplied by LDK bearing units are classified as A type(srtaight),B type(type 45°)and C type(type 90°). Material option includes Zinc plated A3 steel(standard) or brass alloy. The availability of the grease fitting dimensions and designation to each type are:M6x1,M8x1,M10x1,1/4-28 UNF, 1/8-27 NPT and G 1/8.

If any other grease fitting is required,the customers are required to specify dimensions,designations and specifications(if any).


Knurled cup point Set Screws have an externally knurled cup point that locks the grub screw in place and resists loosening and deformation under high vibration. Knurled cup point set screws are used both in poorly tapped holes and to locate gears and pulleys on shafts. Hex socket drive types have a hex-shaped recess in the head and are driven with hex keys or hex socket bits. The driving surface is protected from external damage and provides six sides of contact surface for added torque.

Material option available in mild steel,alloy steel and stainless steel.

Finish: black coating,Zinc plating.


Thread can be made with nylon patch to increase seizing force. 

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