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Additional Parts for a Wakeboard Winch in Order to Maintain Full …

February 25, 2020


The rotating reel and axle has to be kept in position during the rotation movement. Usually they are mounted at the end of each axle’s side and have to be strong enough depending on what materials you are using.

Rope Guidance/Fairlead

If you would just let the spool pull your rope back towards the winch you would be in huge trouble. Because you don’t want to mess things up you need some sort of guidance for your winch line. This helps the rope to wind up properly to the spool. The worse that has been done at the previous ride, the worse your performance will be at the next one.

There are several different techniques available to handle the issue. Commonly used are ATV fairleads and/or eye bolts. Some more expensive kinds are are really innovative and can handle exactly the equal winding of your rope. That benefit comes with a higher price of course and is not really necessary for wakeboard winching.

Transportation Pins

Use pins if you would like to put the winch on the back of your car. We recommend using a trailer anyhow for transporting all your winch and wakeboard gear. It makes life just more easier to have everything at just one place. Keep in mind that you need wakeboards, vests, wetsuits and loads of other stuff with you as well.


Fast rotating elements and close contact has never been a good thing. Cover your engine and other important parts with a back splash or some plastic. This not only makes the whole device a lot more safer to handle it also prevents the engine of getting wet, too. Besides of that, nothing looks cooler than an individual coloured cover.

Bolts, Almonds and Thread-locker

Adhesive is not the way to go to keep the elements together. You will need all kinds of bits and pieces according to your design. You should use quality stainless-steel ones and make sure that you thread-lock each and every possible part for extra security and stability.

Wakeboard Rope

You definitely need excellent content here. Just a regular item of string is definitely not appropriate. You have to use non-stretchable lines, used for marine and professional Wakeboard purposes. The product Dyneema has been confirmed to be quite a excellent option so far. Proven lengths are about about 1000 ft / 300m. That keeps your spool relatively compact and isn’t challenging your performance setting to much. Anyhow you would not believe how quick this range is covered. Keep in mind, that the longer the Winch Line gets, the more power your engine has to provide.

Winch Handle

You can get special ones from Wakeboard providers with a plastic material froth grip and extremely sophisticated components for the best outcomes. Or just use a self-made wood one. Save your money for essential stuff.


Flexibility is a bonus so add a convenient device for controlling the speed gently.


You don’t want to carry around your wake winch on your shoulders, do you. Mount some tires and you save yourself a lot of hassle and energy.


Although not absolutely necessary it’s always excellent to have the full control about your towing device. It adds some extra bucks on your budget, that’s for sure but sometimes it is just necessary to step on the brakes because one rider may passed the stopping point unfortunately.

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